Everyone has a story as to how their children came about and mine is a complex one filled with a shit load of intervention and a whole lot of emotion. 32 years old, 14 IVF cycles, 2 babies born, 1 baby on the way and 2 little embryos still sitting on ice waiting for our decision as to their fate.

The scariest part of IVF for me was the fear that we would never have children. I wasn't afraid of the IVF process or procedures involved, but I was terrified that it may never work and I would be left childless and sad. With every failure came devastation and despair. I missed out on so much during those first few years. Weddings, holidays, family gatherings, but I also gained so much and with every failure came a new wave of determination. I didn't let it break me and I didn't let it break my marriage.

All babies are miraculous but my babies are true miracles. They all started life together in a test tube and now they join each other once again on the other side. We are a modern day family and I thank science for making my family possible.