Hi! I'm Sarah. 

I have spent the past 5 years making Muesli, Granola and Babies. Ted is my first born, Clementine (Mem) my second, Billy is number 3, and Olli-Rose number 4.

Firstly it is important that you understand just how obsessed I am with Granola and Muesli. There is a growing community of us and yes it is a 'thing'. Granola and Muesli obsessives. We live for Smoothie Bowls, Bircher Bowls, Granola Parfaits and plain old simple Porridge.

I believe in balancing nutrition with that WOW factor and while eating 'healthily' is important to me, eating for joy is too. My Mueslis and Granolas are filled with chunky, recognisable ingredients. Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and Grains...so much wonderful goodness bought together in one simple bowl.  

I am a Mum first and foremost and my 4 little ones are my world. A job in the corporate world feels unthinkable right now (call me precious) and so Ted & Mems gives me a creative outlet while also allowing me to be here everyday.

Sarah x





Fruit Full Granola


Grain Free Granola


Raw Muesli