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Hand Made

Maximum Crunch

Baked in Organic Coconut Oil

No Refined Sugar


About us

Welcome to Ted & Mems. My name is Sarah and I am a self-confessed Granola/ breakfast addict. I am also a mama drowning in the dailydemands of three small children. Ted and Mem are 2 of my kids. I now have another baby called Billy so my business name is all kinds of wrong but this mama is time poor so for now the name sticks (sorry bill).

I make all of my Granolas by hand, in Melbourne and with the assistance of my Mum (thank god for Mums!). I make nutrient rich products full of Nuts, Seeds and Fruits and I make them as crunchy and delicious as I possibly can. I use Organic Coconut Oil and a combination of Rice Malt Syrup and Honey to gently sweeten my blends.

Health and fitness has always been my way of life, however with 3 small children I cannot be as fit as I would like. But I can be healthy and I can make sure that my family are healthy too. I aim to provide you with a delicious breakfast, snack or dessert which leaves you feeling healthy in both mind and body.

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Our Products

Who said Granola was just for breakfast? ted and mems granolas taste great AS A DESSERT sprinkled on top of stewed fruit and thick creamy yoghurt. pop a handful of granola into a container along with dark chocolate chips and you have a healthy snack on the go. or soak granola overnight in coconut water and coyo to create a yummy dairy free bircher muesli. however you choose to eat your granola I promise it will leave you feeling wonderful!





If you have any questions regarding product or availability then please shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you and promise to get back to you as soon as I can (in-between kids naps and play dates!).

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