Hi! I'm Sarah. 

Granola Guru. Muesli Maker. Breakfast Baker. Mum Slave.

Firstly it is important that you understand just how obsessed I am with Granola and Muesli. There is a small community of us and yes it is a 'thing'. Granola and Muesli obsessives. 

I believe in balancing nutrition with experience and while eating 'healthily' is important to me, eating for joy is too. My Mueslis and Granolas are filled with big, chunky, recognisable ingredients. Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and Grains...so much wonderful goodness bought together in one yummy bowl.  

Ted & Mems is my little piece if sanity in an otherwise chaotic world of 3 small children. I find it easy to hide behind my little people and T&Ms takes me out of the 'Mum Bubble'. When Mem came along 18 months after Ted, the concept of going back to work with a newborn and a toddler was terrifying. So I created this little business, named it after said newborn and toddler, and the rest is here for you to see.

Sarah x





Fruit Full Granola


Grain Free Granola


Raw Muesli